Registry tweaks are risky in nature but can help you a lot to make changes as per your choice on your system. If you know registry and comfortable with registry tweaks, you can consider following these steps for some amazing changes.

windows 10 registry tweaks performance

Enable Balloon Notifications: In Windows 10, the notifications are now displayed as toasts rather than bubbles. To change notifications as balloons, follow this process. Select Modify and enter its value to 1. Restart your system for the changes to take place.

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Source: ccm. Boost security of virtual memory: Your system uses a portion of your system hard drive as virtual memory in the form of the pagefile when it runs short of enough physical RAM. Usually, pagefile remains on your system even when you shut down your system, which makes it prone to tampering. Thus, to avoid this situation you can set Windows to delete pagefile whenever the computer shuts down.

This process may increase your system shut down time for several minutes according to pagefile size. Restart your system and the Windows will wipe all your pagefile every time you shut down.

Source: howtogeek. Adjust Windows menu animations duration: To adjust the Windows menu animations duration make some tweaks in the registry. Double click on this entry to open it. Here, you will find default value of milliseconds change it to a lower number like milliseconds to reduce Windows menu animation duration. Source: guidingtech. Switch to the Dark theme: Switching to the dark theme is turning off the light theme. It will create a new value under this key.

Log out of the system and log back in to see the new theme in action. Source: codingsec. Remove the Windows 10 Action Center Sidebar : Action center is a useful addition to Windows 10, which helps you have quick access to some useful buttons and notifications. If you find this feature unnecessary as it occupies a lot of screen space, you can consider disabling it. Restart your computer for the changes to take place.

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This nifty process will help you get smaller and cleaner in size notification panel. Source: howto-connect. These registry tweaks can help you fix many system related problems instantly to save your time and efforts. Apart of these tweaks, you can use best registry cleaner apps for Windows 10 for improved system performance.

In fact, you can perform these tweaks to personalize your system experience effectively.PC gaming is one of the best ways to get entertained. The gamers love to play high-ended video games on PC due to many reasons and today I will show you how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming and enjoy beating your rival with some extra performance. The numbers of PC gamers are sky-rocketing. As per the latest reports, about 1. The latest Microsoft operating system Windows 10 enhanced this attraction of playing video games on a PC.

A gamer cannot find a better platform to play any kind of video game with any restrictions. It has been quite a time since Windows 10 hit the grounds. Even after 4-years using this OS, I see most of the pro-gamers are not using this operating system to the fullest throttle. Either they are unaware of many useful features or they do not know how to get them in use. It is crucial to optimize your Windows 10 for gaming.

You need to ensure your system has everything needed to run the latest titles video games. Just check the requirements, as, during the game, the system must not bother you with unnecessary pop-ups. To make it sure, the system must not affect your gaming, you need to disable many features, application or software. In this article, I am going to cover various areas of optimizing Windows 10 for gaming. Windows 10 has huge offerings for potential gamers, and a pro-gamer must learn those features and add value to PC gaming.

If you are the one finding it hard to optimize Windows 10 for gaming, you need to stick to the screen and read the entire article, I am sure at the end of this, and you would get your issue cleared.

Windows 10 lag behind other operating systems if you just look at its gaming mode feature. This is something out of the box Microsoft came up with the latest Windows The gaming mode is specifically designed to help the gamers to boost up the gaming performance. This latest innovation works with optimizing the Windows hardware by focusing the gaming needs.

The computer enabled with the gaming mode will prefer gaming tasks more than any other in the queue. This changes the entire priority system, and you suddenly witness a boost in gaming performance. In simple words, this mode is solely dedicated to windows PC gaming. If a user switches to this mode, the PC will prefer gaming tasks execution over other background tasks. The users can easily switch to this mode and make the computer render the highest level performance for gaming. The Windows PC gamer can switch to this mode while playing the game.

The game bar will surface, from the bar, switch to the mode. This tweak can also boost your Windows 10 gaming performance. I always recommend this, especially for the low-end gaming system. For a high-end gaming systemsthe step may not impact a lot, I check this regardless.

In simple words, our computer installed Windows OS is set to provide a beautiful shiny interface. Here in PC gaming, we need every inch of the processor into gaming. So, we are disabling all shiny visuals to add-up the total performance towards gaming. Steam by default got the configuration to update the game automatically whenever it has a network connection.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

Hacking the registry allows you to tweak many things in Windows, such as the adding and removing items from the context menu, enabling and disabling Windows features, customizing the Control Panel, and many other items. NOTE: If you are not comfortable making changes to the registry, you should not do so. In any case, before hacking your registry, be sure you back it up.

Increase computer performance by hidden REGISTRY HACK -Nawaz Haider ©

We also recommend creating a restore point you can use to restore your system if something goes wrong. The first hack we will show you is one that might be useful when applying the rest of the hacks in this article. Instead of using the Search box on the Start menu every time you want to access the registry, you can do so using an icon in the Control Panel.

The following article shows you a registry hack that adds the registry editor as another option in the Control Panel. This hack works for any version of Windows. If you like a clean desktop, you can add applications to your right-click menu for quick and easy access and avoid adding icons to your desktop. Here is a registry hack that shows you how to add an application to the right-click menu using Notepad as an example.

This hack allows you to open unknown files without having to go through a large list of known applications.

5 secret tips to boost your gaming performance in Windows 10

Some applications you install add options to the Windows context menu, making it cluttered over time. The following article explains where in the registry you can find the keys that control these menu items, how to disable them by editing the registry manually, and also an easy way to clean up the menu items using a couple of free tools. One of the useful features that is new to Windows 7 is the Aero Shake feature.

This allows you to grab a window by its title bar and shake it back and forth to minimize all other open windows. Disable Aero Shake in Windows 7. Windows and applications just love to popup notifications for all kinds of things, like Windows Updates, security issues, unused desktop icons, completion of a task, among other things.

If you find these notifications annoying, you can completely disable them. Turning them off completely is rather extreme. Typically, you can turn them off within the application generating the message. However, if you want to turn them all off in one go, here is an article that shows you how.

NOTE: If you turn off all notifications, be sure to remember to do things like update Windows, update your anti-virus software and other critical software programs. The following article shows you a registry hack that allows you to remove that extra text.

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Do you create a lot of documents in Google Docs? It should work for all versions of Windows. If you have received a used computer from someone else or you are preparing to give a computer to someone else, you probably want to change the registered owner. To view the registered owner and organization, type winver. The following article shows you how to change the registered owner and organization in the registry.

If you want to restore a specific part of the registry manually from a System Restore snapshot or specific keys from a version of the registry you backed upyou can export sections from the backup files without having to a full System Restore. The following article shows you how to do this:.

However, there are a couple of ways that you can disable this behavior.Yet, while some of these tweaks are insignificant, several of them are quite useful. If you need to edit the Windows registry, making a few quick changes is easy. Let's learn how to work with the registry. Read More. Sometimes registry errors cause havoc after all.

Windows 10 Performance Tweaks to Make it Faster

Here we'll explore how to identify, isolate and fix registry problems — and when to not bother at all. When you're cleaning your PC, be sure you know what you're getting into -- it's easy to break something. Before you edit any part of your system registry, always make a backup of all keys that you intend to edit. You can do this in the editor by right-clicking on any key and selecting Exportwhich saves into a. Read Morewhich saves the state of your system, including a snapshot of the registry.

In Windows 10, you can enable restore points. Go to Starttype restoreselect Create a restore pointselect a drive, click Configure…then pick Turn on system protectionset the Max Usage space, and click OK. If something goes wrong, you can just revert to the System Restore point. Ever wanted to reset Windows 7 without losing personal data? Between a factory reset and a reinstall, it was tough. Since Windows 8, we have two new options: Refresh and Reset.

Which one is right Here are the most useful shortcuts that you should already be using. We show you tools that can simplify the registry and help you identify issues. You may be dealing with eye strain. Computer screens can be glaringly bright, especially in the dark.

Dark themes could be your free remedy. Use these simple customizations to make Windows 10 your own. In Windows 10, notifications are now shown as toasts rather than bubbles.

Right-click the DisableNotificationCenter value, select Modifyand enter 1 as its value. Restart your PC and the Action Center should no longer bother you. The This PC location has been a part of Windows since 8. If you change it to Hidethen the folder will be invisible. Here's How to Fix It! Computer memory issues can slow down your computer over time.Before doing anything take a deep breath and think twice before you mess with the registry.

We would like to tell you one more thing that if you want new and better features then you can install the Windows 10 Inside preview on your computer or laptop because this is preview builds in which Microsoft keeps adding new features to Windows Insider.

If you want the latest preview build, you can download the ISO Files from this link. Also, use the Windows 10 latest version that comes with location features that help you navigate to exact registry location by copy-pasting source. The new Photos app took place in Windows 10 as a default photo viewer.

For people loving the old Windows Photo Viewer can reverse it and use Old Photo Viewer again, which is a lightweight and fast to browse photos. Microsoft has also developed Cortana for Android which is a Voice Assistance App, though the best voice assistant on Android mobile platform is Google Android Assistant. But there are quite a good voice assist apps available on the Play Store, which you can use to use to get information just by giving voice commands.

Automatic updates ensure latest security patches to help prevent threats to your computer and help you keep your data safe. You can hold Automatic updates for a period of 7 days in Windows 10 insider build, but in the generic build, you might want to go ahead and mess up with registry file to disable updates.

windows 10 registry tweaks performance

If you know all about this you can stop the service as long as you want, the guide is linked below. Not a lot people actually use this feature. With newer Windows 10 build such as Creator update, Microsoft is replacing command prompt with PowerShell and not all the people are in favor of this. PowerShell is new and powerful, and they say but still Command prompt is the best way to deal with ADB and fastboot commands the one used to root android or flash custom ROM.

Although the good thing is that unlike other cloud storage services, this file is integrated into Explorer, allowing you to store files directly from your computer on Vedranti cloud storage. If you also want to do this, follow the steps given below. First, navigate to the following location. Windows 10 taskbar is customizable, you can either set the background a solid color or have it transparent.

But the default transparency level is moderate, to make it more transparent navigate to the following registry location. However, you can use the following guide to make your Windows 10 taskbar hundred percent transparent. How to Disable Unnecessary Services in Windows These are some windows 10 registry hacks you can use to change several things. Share it with your friends only to them who use Windows Hello, I am Devendra, but you can call me Quickfever.

Ask anything devendra quickfever. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Contents 1.

windows 10 registry tweaks performance

Enable Windows Photo Viewer 2. Disable Cortana 3. Stop Automatic Windows updates 4. Bring back Command Prompt in Right-click context menu 5. Remove OneDrive from MyPc 6. Show seconds in Taskbar 7. Make Taskbar Transparent 8. Force Run Mixed Reality in Windows 10 9.Suffering from a slow internet connection? To start, head to Speedtest. Simply click the Go button and give the app a minute to run. Taking these together, we often use the term bandwidth to describe the amount of information you can transfer over the internet in a set amount of time.

Think of bandwidth like a water pipe leading into your house. But with six people using the water at the same time in different places, the pressure drops for everyone. Network bandwidth works in the same way. One device downloading large files is no problem. But when you have six devices on your network all trying to stream HD video, play online games, and similar at once, they can only each use a portion of the total bandwidth. As discussed, if one program is heavily using the network, other apps will suffer.

Because of this, when you experience slow speeds, you should check to see what apps are using your network connection and close them if necessary. Next, on the Processes tab, click the Network header to sort running apps by their network usage. If anything is using an excessive amount of bandwidth, you should close it to free up resources for other apps. This is especially important if you want to perform a network-intensive activity, like playing games online or streaming video.

If you still experience a slow network connection after closing apps, the problem may lie with another device on your network. Maybe someone else is streaming Netflix on their tablet, downloading files on their computer, or playing games on their console. In those cases, you should check with other people in your home.

Hopefully, you can tweak their systems with the tips mentioned here, or work out a way to better share the bandwidth. You may need to upgrade to a better connection plan with your provider if you want to have multiple devices all online doing network-intensive activities at once. Check these things that could be slowing down your home Wi-Fi network.

Read More. Your wireless router broadcasts using a specific channel. Because of the large number of devices that use Wi-Fi, and the number of networks in crowded areas like apartment complexes, certain channels can run into interference. If you only experience slow internet speeds when on Wi-Fi, making changes to the channel might improve your issue. We answer these questions and more in this quick guide. Read More for instructions. Windows Update in Windows 10 includes a peer-to-peer sharing feature.Many computer websites advocate simply upgrading your hardware to make your computer go faster.

While it does work, there is a lot you can do to speed up your computer without spending a dime. You would be much better off speeding up your computer with some Windows 10 performance tweaks first. Use these tweaks to make the most of what you have. Then, if you still want to buy new hardware you can. Your new hardware will also make good use of the performance boost these tweaks offer giving you even more bang for your buck!

Some Windows 10 performance tweaks are designed to work on older systems such as lower transparency and desktop effects while others streamline Windows to work more efficiently.

I am definitely in favor of that second goal and will base this guide around streamlining Windows to work as efficiently as possible. Performing driver updates will ensure you are using the latest, most efficient drivers that make best use of your hardware.

You can let Windows take care of driver updates if you like, or perform the check manually. Download and install.

5 Windows 10 Registry Tweaks to Improve & Unlock Features

For graphics drivers, use DDU Uninstaller to remove the old driver before installing the new one. It is much more effective that way.

If you have looked in Task Manager since getting Windows 10 you may be surprised at just how many services are installed by default. Microsoft designed Windows 10 to be all things to all people. That means lots of services and features enabled that you may never use. I could describe each service and why you should leave it alone or disable it but Black Viper does it much better.

Visit the Black Viper website and follow the instructions for streamlining Windows You can decide for yourself how far you want to go. Any time you install a new program, it thinks it needs to load automatically when you boot Windows. Some programs, such as firewall, antivirus, malware scanner, VPN software and so on do need to load, most others do not.

The Start-up tab helpfully shows you what kind of impact a program has on boot times. The column next to Status, Start-up impact shows you. Low means next to no impact on boot time while High delays boot by at least a few seconds.

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Viruses and malware both impact performance as well as your privacy. Both use system resources to carry out their nefarious work so now is a good time to perform a full system check. Run your antivirus of choice and perform a full check. Leave it overnight if necessary.

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